Brands We Repair

Appliances come in all kinds of different brands. Some people are just brand loyal while others do their research and figure out which appliance actually fits their needs.  However you choose your brand, we can help you fix your brand when needed. David’s Appliance Co is located in Dunwoody, GA.

We work with all kinds of different brands of appliances as there are so many options out there to choose from.  However, much of the appliances operate in the same fashion. This means that a dishwasher has to have electric and water going to it, as well as some electrical and mechanical components that will heat, disperse and drain the water as well.  All of the mechanisms on the dishwasher from one brand to the next pretty much work in the same fashion. Sure, they have their differences and some brands are just built so they cannot be repaired. However, we will know this ahead of time and will save you the fees of us coming out, if it cannot be fixed.

Our appliances are what keep our households going.  Without them, we all would be lost. There are major appliances such as a refrigerator that no household could be without in this day and age.

Dishwasher Servicing

We also have some more privileged appliances that not everyone has such as a dishwasher.  However, when you have a dishwasher and it’s broken, it’s devasting on how fast the dishes pile up.  And, that’s why having an experienced appliance repair service is important. We can look at your appliance and diagnose for what might be the cause of the issue at hand.

There are some simple things such as a dishwasher’s water isn’t heating up, or the drying cycle isn’t operating correctly to things such as it just won’t turn on for any reason.  Many times just hearing what the issues are and what lead up to the issue will help us.

The brands that we service are all brands.  These include GE, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Maytag, Boshch, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Amana, Sub Zero and Sharp to name a few.  There are many off-brand appliances out there as well. And, we can work on them all. There are many places to look to find what the appliance brands are known for.  Most brands are superior in one area and lacking in another. However, if you are a person that wants matching brands in your kitchen, then doing some research is important.  And, it really depends on what you are thinking about spending as well as how you use your appliances.


Simple Appliance Brands

For example, having a brand that is strong in the oven and stove area is important to someone that loves to cook.  Getting a stove or oven that has a few extras such as a timer or large burner could be a good choice.

It is all about convenience, style, and technology of the brands that you like.  Appliance brands know this and are always improving and offering revolutionary technology.  However, a simple stove and refrigerator due just fine for most people. Simple things such as if it has an ice maker or a spot for an ice maker is important to many people.  But, having a tv on the front of the fridge isn’t something that everyone needs or particularly cares for.

Laundry Appliances

Appliance brands all are in various areas of the home.  But, some shine in certain areas. Take whirlpool for example. They offer a nice line up of various washer and dryer options to choose from.  In fact, they have been the number one selling washing machine and dryer option on the market today. Many of their machines are simple and simply do the job.  They have lower than average repairs, which makes them an ideal option for consumers. However, they do make other appliances as well. But, the area that Whirlpool is excelling in is certainly in the laundry room.

Maytag is another laundry room contender that has been around forever. They build their machines solid and it shows.  We have had to fix Maytags in the past but many times the repair is due to a mechanical issue such as a bearing going bad.  Bad bearings can be a result of an uneven floor, which makes the washer sit unevenly. When it balances itself out it will grind on the bearing in a fashion that it wasn’t designed for.

Get the brand of appliance you trust and love.  And, we’ll be right here to fix it should there be any issue.  Give us a call.