Dryer Repair

Not all dryer repair solutions are the same.  There are electric and gas dryer options which each having their own set of issues and solutions.  Most of us have some sort of dryer in our home and it’s lovely when the dryer works! However, when it quits working properly clothing can quickly and easily pile up!  We here at David’s Appliance Co., Dunwoody, GA.

Let’s go over some common problems with a dryer, some of which you can do yourself and others, well, to prevent electrocution, it’s probably best to call us.

Dryer won’t turn on

When the dryer won’t turn on there are some simple things to check.  The first and always the first with any appliance is the breaker box.  Breakers flip for whatever reason and it could just be your day to have it happen.  So, check the breaker and ensure that it’s engaging and working properly. If the breaker consistently is flipping, then it is important to have it looked by a professional.  Breakers are installed to prevent shorts from being an issue and burning down your home. Your dryer could have an internal short somewhere that is causing this issue. This is certainly a reason to call a professional and not handle it any further on your own.

Another reason that your dryer isn’t getting the proper power is the cord is frayed, cracked or old.  A bad cord is common in older units but is easily fixed by purchasing a new cord. This, of course, holds true in the electrical dryer space.  However, a gas dryer requires a cord as well, so just take a quick check. The gas dryer cord isn’t as easily replaced as the electric one and you may need assistance with this.

And, yet another reason for no power to the dryer is a bad terminal block.  This is certainly not something the average homeowner should attempt on their own.  However, we are David’s Appliance Co. in Dunwoody, GA can help. We work on dryer repair for all makes and models of dryers and can help you with your issue fast and efficiently.

Dryer Still won’t Turn On

There are many, many reasons why the dryer won’t turn on.  Another reason for the dryer to not turn on is the door switch is broken.  This can physically happen when taking clothing in and out of the dryer without anyone noticing.  And, the door switch can appear to be fine, however, when the door is closed it is broken off just enough to not engage.  This is an easy fix that some homeowners are comfortable in doing. However, if you are not comfortable, we can help.

A faulty thermostat is another reason for the dryer to not come on.  Our dryers have a lot of internal fuses and thermostats to regulate the temperature inside the drum.  This too could be a reason as to why your dryer isn’t heating up. Typically this will either prevent the dryer from turning on at all, or it will turn on but not heat up.  Things such as not cleaning the lint trap properly or having the exhaust fill up and not work properly are some common reasons for these to go bad. Finding the right one and replacing it will require some electrical skills and a multimeter.  Should you not feel comfortable with this, we at David’s Appliance in Dunwoody, GA are here to help.

Another reason for the dryer to not come on is the switch.  The switch that is in the knob has gone bad and needs replacing.  This too can be tested simple enough with a multimeter and some skills.

Dryer is Noisy

If your dryer is noisy, there are several reasons that could cause this as well. It could be a dirty blower wheel, which is easily cleaned but may require some teardown of the machine.  The drum support roller has signs of wear or the belt needs replaced.

Doesn’t Tumble

When your dryer isn’t tumbling there is an issue with the dryer.  Many times it’s found at the belt. The belt is either worn or broken altogether.  However, it could be that the belt has gotten out of place as well. Or, that the dryer has too much weight in it.  Remember, the dryer isn’t meant to be stuffed completely full.

There are many other issues such as no heat, takes too long to dry or it’s getting too hot.  All are things that could be an easy fix with a new fuse or maybe just needs to have a the piolet light fixed.  Give us a call, we have fixed and repaired many gas as well as electrical dryers. We work with all makes and models and have been trained on what to look for with each symptom.