Freezer Repair

If your frozen food has lost its chill, it’s time to take a look.  Many things can cause the freezer to need repair. Some are simple and easy fixes that any regular homeowner can do.  While others will take a professional and some skills. If you have tried everything and it’s still not cold, then a call to David’s Appliance Co in Dunwoody, GA is in order.  We service just about all makes and models of freezers and can help you with yours as well. Let’s take a look at some things you can check before calling, as some things are pretty simple.

There is Frost Building Up

This could be from something as simple as the kids leaving the door open.  When the door is left open and caught in time, typically a normal freezer can catch up.  However, over time, even if you find that the door was left open, the insides of the freezer will build up with condensation.  Then when it refreezes, it will swell the walls on the freezer as well as the door. This swelling prevents the freezer from completely sealing shut.  This will have to be thawed out completely and left to dry and drain. The condensation will be in the insulation of the doors and walls and the door will need to be disassembled to allow air to circulate.  You will need to find proper food storage for what is in the freezer as this dry out time can take a couple of days.

Ensure that there isn’t food up against the door trying to push it open will help prevent the above from happening as well.

If you have frost just on the back of the freezer near the coils, this could indicate a defective heater, defrost sensor, bimetal, or defrost timer.  These are all things that most average homeowners are not comfortable with working on, however, we can help. We offer appliance repair for all of Dunwoody, GA.

The freezer is Leaking Water

There are many reasons for leaking water around your freezer.  One very common one is the kids or another person is dropping ice as they are putting ice in their drink.  This is something that many people don’t think of, but it is a common reason for having small puddles near your freezer.

Another easy fix is the line going to the ice maker is leaking and need replacing.  Or the connection to the freezer is leaking. There is a drain pan under the freezer that holds the excessive moisture that comes from the evaporative coils.  This can be overflowing which typically only happens in high humidity with heavy use. Should you see this problem, try to leave the freezer door closed more and not use it as often.

Or there is more water in the pan that isn’t evaporating fast enough.  This could be due to the mechanic room cover, which needs to be in place in order for there to be proper airflow.

Take a look at the condenser pan and ensure it’s not cracked or broken in some way.  This is rare, but it is possible. And, certainly an easy fix.

Freezer Isn’t Running

Just as we suggest with any non-running appliance, you need to check the circuit breaker box and ensure that nothing was tripped.  Circuit breakers can trip for a number of reasons. However, they shouldn’t continuously trip. If the tripping is continuous, you should seek professional assistance.

Another simple issue is a child has found the “buttons” or dials and have turned the freezer to off without you knowing.  In some models, this can easily be done when reaching for things in the freezer even by adults too. So, check the settings of the freezer.

Be sure to check to see if power is getting to the freezer.   This can be done by checking to see if the light comes on when the door is open or something simple as that.  If you don’t have a light in the freezer and there are no lights on the freezer, plug something else into the outlet.  This will tell you if the outlet has power going to it without getting into fancy power checking tools. If there is power going to the freezer and it’s not running then there is most likely an electrical issue or fuse within the freezer that has been blown.  Calling a professional such as David’s Appliance Co. in Dunwoody, GA can help.