Ice Maker Repair

The ice maker isn’t working properly.  Everyone loves their ice makers and for good reason, it has ice ready and waiting for you at a moment’s notice.  However, when you find your ice maker isn’t doing its job, not keeping up or forming proper ice, it’s devastating.  We know, and we understand. That’s why we have put together some things that you can check on your own before calling David’s Appliance Co. in Dunwoody, GA.

Control Arm in Pause Position

Surprisingly, not everyone knows about the control arm and how it works.  Most ice makers have a pause option that is controlled by a control arm. This arm is activated when the ice bin is full but can be accidentally activated when reaching in for ice.  The control arm can also be bumped or hit by something in the freezer as things shift and are put away. To see if this is the issue, check your manual and see if your control arm is in the paused position and put into the non-paused position.

The Water Line is Frozen

From time to time for whatever reason, the water lines that carry the water to the ice maker get frozen up.  When this happens you can hear the freezer doing the common cycle noises you expect for ice, but there isn’t any ice.  Because the freezer doesn’t know there isn’t any water. This happens only in some models.

In other models, the ice maker will continue to run and try to get the water to the fill line.  Either way, there isn’t any ice but the ice maker is making its common noises. This will require you to unplug the freezer and let it thaw out to get the line to thaw.  Sometimes this thawing can be sped up using a hairdryer on the area as well.

Ice Maker is Leaking

For a leaking ice maker, check the lines going into the ice maker and ensure that they are not cracked or broken.  Check the fill mold and ensure that it is lined up with the water funnel and didn’t get bumped. Check the level of your freezer and ensure it’s level.  Many times, over time, the floors can become uneven. Uneven floors cause the ice tray to become uneven and it to leak over the side.

Filters are Clogged

Some ice makers have filters in the water lines.  These filters can get clogged and stop the water from reaching the ice maker.  When this happens, it is similar to having a frozen line, as the ice maker cannot get the water to it.  Again, some models will continuously run while others will continue to cycle as if they have water coming to them.  Check your owner’s manual to see if your machine has a filter and where and how to change it. These can be quite hidden in some machines.

Ice Maker isn’t Making Enough Ice

The ice maker isn’t making enough ice or the ice cubes are very little or smaller than normal.  This is a sign of a clogged line from a filter issue or a frozen line issue most likely. However, some ice machines have a sensor that can be adjusted to fix this issue as well.  Most times this is a set screw and isn’t easily tampered with such as the temperature gauges and knobs. However, this for whatever reason can get off and need to be adjusted. First, however, look at the waterline and ensure that you have done everything there.  Most of the time the smaller ice cubes are from a waterline issue and not due to the water level set screw.

Ice Maker Not Ejecting

There are many reasons that cause the ice maker from ejecting properly.  Most of the time it’s something that has gotten moved around in the freezer and has lodged itself into the ice maker.

The metal control arm is another reason for the ice to get stuck.  This arm controls the production of ice and if the ice maker was in the process of making the ice when the arm was moved to shut off the ice maker, then the ice would remain in the mold.

If none of these suggestions works then it’s an electrical problem, motor or gearbox problem and it’s time to call in the professionals of David’s Appliance Co. in Dunwoody, GA.