Refrigerator Repair

We all use our refrigerator a lot.  Many families would be lost without one.  However, they do have to wear out components as well as kids that leave freezer doors open.  There are complex electrical issues or issues with the mechanical components of the refrigerator itself.  Many times the mechanical components are a simple fix that doesn’t cost a lot and is done relatively quick.  However, there are times when it’s electrical such as a computer board that is made for that specific brand. These repairs can get a bit more costly and will require extra time to get in the proper electrical component.

We work with just about every make and model of refrigerator out there.  The basic components that are found in every refrigerator are simple. There is a compressor, condenser coils, evaporator coils, and an expansion device.  These basic components can wear out or a simple fuse can blow to save your device from burning down your home. We a few simple tests we can check these components of the refrigerator and see what is going on.  From there we can replace any of these given components or determine that it is something completely different.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

If your children have left the door open on the freezer and it’s not freezing properly back up, there could be built up condensation that has formed in the walls and door. This will prevent the door from getting a good airtight seal.  Without the seal, the freezer cannot keep the door closed and it cannot properly freeze the contents inside. This is also a good cause for a constant running refrigerator or freezer.

Most of our refrigerators and freezers are made to be frost-free. However, there are times when this system gets interrupted and fails.  The example of the door being left open is one fine example of this. That interrupts the system and frost start to build up. Once it starts, it will have to thaw out to work properly.

Constantly Running Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is constantly running, there may be a lot of dust and grim built upon its condenser coils.  These coils are often found at the bottom of the refrigerator out in the open for the most part. Because they are near the floor they tend to collect dust bunnies and pet hair.  However, getting down there to clean them isn’t always easy for some homeowners. Which we are here to help with that as well. Cleaning these coils regularly will allow the refrigerator to run more efficiently and effectively.  Your refrigerator shouldn’t be running constantly. If the doors are left shut, it should shut off for periods of time. Of course, there are other reasons for a refrigerator to run constantly, but some simple maintenance such as cleaning the coils sometimes does the trick.  If you have attemped cleaning and it still continues to run, give David’s Appliance Co. a call. We are located in Dunwoody, GA and available 24/7.

Simple Tricks to Fix your Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is leaking water there are several basic reasons this could be.  And, of course, there is always more complex reasons as well. But, for the basics, look for where it is to drain for the auto defrost option.  Often times this is down the back of the fridge into a small drain hole, but it can be found just about anywhere. Most will drain to a pan at the very bottom on the outside of the fridge where it is left to evaporate.  However, these systems tend to get clogged with hard water residue, dust, dirt and even iced up. When that happens the water doesn’t follow the path that it was meant to and can end up on your kitchen floor.

Other leaking reasons is the hose to the icemaker has sprung a leak.  Or you have a child that is dropping ice when putting it in their glass and isn’t picking it up.  This could go for other adults living in the home as well. When there are random water spots that are not in the same location, that is typically the case.

Check Simple Things

If your refrigerator has stopped running or operating properly check the temperature gauge as well.  This may sound completely silly, but there are many times when it’s been adjusted by a child that just saw a fun “knob” in the fridge and didn’t know what it did.  In some refrigerators, this knob is also easily bumped with food and your arm as you reach. Checking only takes a few minutes and could offer a very easy solution.