Washing Machine Repair

Our washing machines have gotten pretty complex in recent years.  Sure, many still have basic washing machines. However, the front loaders with all the settings and buttons are everywhere as well.  As people get busier and busier the size of the washer does matter. People want to get as much laundry done as possible and that’s why there are large capacity washers that are larger than they ever were before.  These large capacity washers can get overfull though as well.

People will continue, as they have for years past, stuff the washing machine with everything they own.  This in return can me you will have to give us a call. Overstuffing your washing machine can really take a toll on the washing machine itself.  Remember when you put all that clothing in there, it is going to get wet. The washing machine will need to spin and move and having it too full doesn’t allow it to do its job.

Let’s take a look at other factors that affect your washing machine.  Some you may be able to problem-solve on your own. However, others you will need a professional to look at. Give David’s Appliance Co.in Dunwoody, GA a call.

Does the Washing Machine have Power?

Is the machine getting power?  Are there lights, bells or any sign of life to the machine.  Some of the older or more simple machines will be hard to tell.  When the machine doesn’t have a lot of electrical gadgets, there aren’t many lights to look for or a digital setting you may not be able to tell on your own.  However, you can go to your fuse box and ensure that you have flipped a fuse. Fuses flip for a variety of reasons. However, if it continues to flip back, that’s when you certainly need to call a professional.  Fuses are there to protect you and your possessions from having a short issue that could cause harm. This is a safety mechanism that shouldn’t be messed with.

There are also internal fuses that could be checked with the use of a multimeter.  However, these fuses are inside the machine and are a little more complex than flipping a switch.   These are the types of fuses that should be checked by a professional and establish why the fuse blew, to begin with.  Many times it goes back to overstuffing and the machine couldn’t drain and work properly, thus blowing a fuse. Having a professional washing machine repair service such as Dave’s Appliance Co.in Dunwoody, GA can help you with this issue.

The Washing Machine Repair for Shutting Down Machines

The machine keeps shutting down.  This can happen for many reasons. One is that the machine is overfilled and it’s too much work on the motor.  A safety device is installed to shut it down before it overheats and starts a fire. However, if this continues to happen then there is more of a problem.  The machine motor may just be wearing out over time. It is critical for you to find out why the motor is overheating, give us a call.

We have found that lid switches are another thing that can be messed up and stopping the machine from working.  Many times there is a switch that will tell the machine that the lid is closed. This switch can become damaged over time or stuck due to detergent getting in and not work properly.  This will cause the machine to not turn on when the lid is closed as it should. If your machine simply isn’t turning on, check this switch and ensure it’s in proper working order. If it is not, we can help install a new switch on your washing machine in just a few minutes.

Washing Machine Not Draining Properly

If your washing machine isn’t draining properly it’s time for some inspections.  Check the drain hoses for kinks or clogs. The drain hose is where the machine sends the water out of and can get clogged up from time to time with sticky detergent and laundry fuzz.  Just as your dryer lint trap, it does need to be cleaned out from time to time. Sometimes there is a drain filter that is installed. This is a thin screen that can get clogged and not allow the machine to drain properly.

Ensure that the drain is not sealed into the standpipe.  This is the pipe on the back of the machine that the machine will drain into.  And, be sure the stand pipe is clear of debris as well. This could also be some sort of electrical problem with the machine as well.  If you cannot find a clog, we are here to help. Give Dave’s Appliance Co. a call! We work to repair all broken washing machines in Dunwoody, Georgia.